Khyber, the Underdark realm below Eberron, is a wild frontier land, a border between the sun realms above and the most hellish pits of aberration below. Within the great networks of interconnected caverns, so many of which are immeasurable in size, dangerous denizens lurk.

Rakshasa, illithids, goblins, and other creatures of the darkness live in splendrous cities and humble hollows. Groups of surface races huddle in pocket regions, inhabiting ancient ruins near the portal roads that lead back to the lands above. And connecting it all, suspended from the vaulted ceiling of the world, an ancient and powerful lightning rail carries traders and travelers of all races from enclave to enclave.

In the region of Szith Torane, city of the drow, the great caverns are wet ones; an ocean of sulphurous brine lies far below the stalactite spires of the great city. Upon these waters, and in the air above them, great fleets of merchant vessels, powered by harnessed elementals, float or fly through the mirk, plying their trade far and wide.

Life in the under-realm of Khyber is not easy. Only the hard and the cruel can long survive amongst the dangers of this realm. Many races are hostile to one another. Others are just hungry. The native aberrations are a constant threat to the civilized regions. And always there is the threat of black rifts that spontaneously open to the hellish underworld of Fernia, gouting heat and spilling their terrible demonic beasts into Khyber.

But the citizens of Szith Torane are protected by their irons.

“Irons” are the ancient drow-forged constructs that serve the city of the drow. These warforged soldiers travel in mixed groups, including drow minders and mercenaries of various races, patrolling the region, maintaining order, and battling demonic incursions. Collectively, these groups form a significant fighting force, an elite legion called the Irons of Khyber.

This is a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game set in the world of Eberron. It is a re-skin of the Out of the Abyss adventure book.

The Irons of Khyber

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