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This campaign uses the 5th Edition rules for Dungeons and Dragons, with modifications provided in the following pages:

Character Creation

  • This campaign uses the Variant: Customize Ability Scores rules (PHB 13).
  • Humans do not have the option to use the Variant Human Traits rule (PHB 31).
  • Player characters can be of any race, but warforged and drow are preferred. Additional benefits are given to characters of these races to encourage their use. Such characters get one free feat at character creation.
  • Hit points are calculated according to the fixed values in the class entries. They are not rolled.
  • Characters start at 3rd level, with 2,700 experience points.
  • Characters may begin with equipment defined by their classes or may opt to use the Starting Wealth by Class rules in the Equipment chapter. Starting wealth is not rolled for.

Additional Campaign Rules

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